Camping Belle : les grands espaces pour les activités de pleine nature

The activities

Le village de Lalley dans son écrin de montagnes : le paradis des activités nature

The Trièves is a land of contrasts and emotions, at the gates of the Grenoble conurbation, where nature and culture have been talking to each other for centuries. 

The Trièves is bordered by majestic peaks such as the Obiou (2793m), the Grand Ferrand (2759m), the Grand Veymont (2341m) or the mythical Mont-Aiguille (2086m). 

The Trièves is a country for hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking and road cycling. Numerous hiking trails are marked out. 


Some of the must-sees of this beautiful region: 

  • Mens 
  • Terre Vivante
  • Lake Monteynard and its Himalayan footbridges and cruises
  • Mont-Aiguille
  • The chapel of Trézanne 
  • The Green Odyssey 
  • The Trièves Astronomical Observatory 

Consult the official website of the Tourist Office for further information. 


Come in, you’ll be back!

The activities

For hikers

Whether on foot, by bike, on donkeys or on horseback, it is possible to climb the emblematic peaks of Mont-Aiguille, Grand-Veymont, Obiou, or Grand-Ferrand.

You can also enjoy the most accessible walks with splendid viewpoints such as the Himalayan footbridges of the Monteynard lake, the Mont-Barral, etc…

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Hiking trails
mountain bike rides

cycle tours
Donkey rides

horseback riding : Les Quatre Chemins and La Chevauchée Triévoise

> Discover the ferme équestre des quatre chemins
> Discover the Chevauchée Trièvoise


Bungee jumping:

For thrill-seekers, leap into the void! 

The bungee jump from the Pont de Ponsonnas, above the Drac between Trièves and Matheysone, is 103m high. Hold on tight! 

Usefull links :

> Discover Vertigo-Adventures


Different climbing sites exist in the Trièves: Gresse-en-Vercors, Trézanne, Saint-Guillaume, Saint Paul les Monestier, Saint-Andéol, Chichillianne, Tréminis or Cordéac.

To vary the disciplines, discover the site of Via Corda of Gresse-en-Vercors. Equipped with a rope, you will evolve by combining climbing, hiking, and via ferrata.

You can also practise canyoning: this fun activity provides adrenalin and freshness. On the program: jumps, abseiling, zip lines, natural slides…
The Trièves has two canyoning sites: Les Moules Marinières in St Andéol and La Mouna in St Michel-les-portes.
The professionals of the Trièves will accompany you to discover canyoning.

Usefull links :

Sur les falaises
Via ferrata et canyoning

> Discover “En Montagne”
> Discover the MontAiguille guides
> Discover Isère Verticale



By paragliding or hang-gliding, discover the Trièves from the sky from one of the two free fall sites of Courtet in Saint Baudille and Pipet, and Serpaton in Gresse-en-Vercors!

The paragliding schools of the Trièves offer you many formulas: first flight, ski flight, initiation, training courses, hang-gliding etc… There is something for all levels.

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Discover Vol libre et parapente

> Discover Alvéole Parapente
> DiscoverAérosat



Petits et grands, amusez-vous dans les tyroliennes, pont de singe, et autres filets et cabanes perchées ! et découvrez l’univers de la forêt .

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In the trees

> Discover the labyrinthe du Trièves forest and the adventure trail
> Discover le parc aventure Accrobüech
> Discover l’Odyssée Verte



At Lake Monteynard-Avignonet, of course!
The Avignonet dam, built in 1962, has enabled the development of a leisure base particularly renowned for windsurfing and kite surfing thanks to its thermal breezes.

The Monteynard-Avignonet Lake will allow you to indulge in a multitude of water activities: water skiing, canoeing, wakeboarding, sailing, dinghy, catamaran, cruises, windsurfing…
For the contemplative, embark for a cruise on the Bateau La Mira.

For hikers, cross the Himalayan gateways to adventure.

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In the water

> Discover les passerelles de Monteynard
> Discover les croisières en bateau


Strollers and poets, the visit of the Ecological Centre Terre Vivante will delight young and old!

Discover the ecological gardens: family vegetable garden, orchard, nesting garden, square vegetable garden, hilltop cultivation, spiral plantation…

Usefull links :
les Jardiniers

> Discover the “centre écologique Terre Vivante”


Follow the Savoir-Faire du Trièves road to discover honeys, flours, farmers’ markets and other delicacies.

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les Gourmets

> Discover the road “Savoir-Faire du Trièves”


Enter the Trièves museum in Mens, visit the chapel of Trézanne, discover the museum of Jean Gionno in Lalley and others. 

The Trièves is lucky to have two theatres offering a rich and varied programme throughout the year. They also welcome artists in residence.

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les Curieux
les Astronomes

> Discover the theatre Du Poulailler
> Discover Le Pot Au Noir
> Discover l’association Astrièves