La préservation de la nature est toujours présente dans notre démarche écologique et nous incitons nos campeurs à y participer

Our ecological approach

Connect with nature! 

Respect of the environnement

Respect for nature and the environment is one of our daily concerns. Our campsite is in the heart of a preserved environment in a natural and family setting.

The eco-responsible approach is taken into account in the daily management of our campsite.


  • Zero phyto in the green spaces
  • Differentiated mowing management and mulching practices with the aim of enriching the land with plant species and managing green spaces in the most respectful and natural way. 
  • Sanitary facilities equipped with presence detectors with timers 
  • Replacement of bulbs by LEDs
  • Swimming pool heated by a heat pump to reduce energy consumption. 
  • Products used for the maintenance of sanitary facilities and premises are bio-cleaners (natural process)
  • Exchanges by e-mail as much as possible to limit paper consumption. 
  • Landscaping around the mobile homes with fruit trees and shrubs typical of the Trièves and South-Isère produced by a local nurseryman, in permaculture (Sylvefruit)
  • Supplying the snack bar with local and organic products to promote the local economy, preserve health and reduce our carbon footprint. 
  • Personal use and demonstration of cooking in a solar oven: 0€ in energy consumption. ( SUNPLICITY oven) 
  • Use of reusable cups for welcome drinks and steel straws for cocktails (reduction of plastic waste) 
  • Soft transport of the campsite team (electric bikes and bicycles)
Le potager en lasagnes permet d'utiliser nos différents déchets (verts, bruns, …) et fait partie de notre démarche écologique


We have chosen to reduce our environmental impact by ensuring good waste management and favouring equipment that reduces energy consumption.

  • Area dedicated to selective sorting (glass/paper/plastics/preserving boxes/cardboard)
  • Composting of plant waste and use of compost in the garden
  • A large part of the green waste resulting from the maintenance of green spaces is recycled for the creation of lasagne gardens 
  • Collection of used batteries and defective bulbs 
  • Waste of edible oils stored separately 


Take advantage of your holiday to "go green" and act with us to protect nature.

All you have to do is : 

  • Avoid wasting water 
  • Use the water from rinsing your vegetables to water the young plantations 
  • Turn off devices you are not using 
  • Pay attention to the consumption of toilet paper available in the sanitary facilities 
  • Respect the waste sorting system in place 
  • Do not throw away cigarette butts, papers, and other garbage. 
  • Stop your engine.